Now that we have so far spent a lot of time working on some basic and more intermediate-level drills, now we move on to the meat of the Tri Swim Success course! In week 1, we conquer the age-old issue of bilateral breathing once and for all. In weeks 2-3, we work on refining freestyle- making sure you have the essential elements of a complete stroke. And finally, the last week we will introduce speed in the water! Improving speed in swimming is more than just doing a few sprints at the beginning and end of your workouts. It takes a little more thinking, but I promise there is no high level math involved!

As your stroke continues to improve and come together based on the Freestyle Technique Drills and all the practicing you’ve been doing, it’s time to work on speed in the water.

The first thing is to just practice counting strokes. Follow along with the workouts and direct your questions!

Drills To Learn & Practice

  • Drill #7 - 3/4 Catch up Drill
  • Drill #8 - Fingertip Drag Drill
  • Drill #9 - Fist Drill
  • Drill #10 - One-Arm Drill