Learning Objectives: Before conquering the actual stroke, I recommend doing some treading water. It may seem silly but in deep water triathlon starts it comes in useful, also it will help you with the feel for the water. In many triathlons, you will be required to tread water for several minutes before the race actually begins, so this is an important skill to have!


  • Hands and feet move at the same time
  • Keep your head and breathing normal
  • Move your arms horizontally
  • Move your legs circularly (scissor kick)


  • Start out in deep water
  • Panic
  • Breathe too quickly

How To Do It:

  • Just move your hands from side to side slanted inward as they come toward each other, and outward as they move away.
  • For your legs, you can either use the scissor kick, flutter kick (freestyle, light forward and back motion with the legs), or no kick at all.