Key Drills

We will be learning 5 key drills: Side kicking, shark fin drill, hip rotation drill, hand entry and advanced hip rotation drill.

Pre-drill: Finding Your Balance Point

1. Kicking for Freestyle

2. Swimming On Your Side

3. Hip Rotation

4. Hand Entry & Pull

5. Putting It Altogether

Being consistent and practicing these drills 2-3 days a week will give you:

  • An adequate kick
  • Better balance in the water
  • Comfort with rotating your hips as you swim
  • The proper body position for freestyle

We will also continue a more advanced hip rotation drill, practice and execute the proper arm stroke, and bring all the drills we’ve learned so far together for your first go at full stroke freestyle swimming.

Hip rotation is the key to distance and triathlon swimming. This is the part that will allow you to conserve energy for the rest of your race. Grasping this will put you at an advantage over 90% of your competition.

With the arms, don’t worry about your pull being perfect right away- that will come with practice. Finally, breathing will given its own section since this is where many triathletes have the most difficult time.

Good luck and check in with the discussion board to report your progress!

By the end of this month, you should feel much more balanced in the water!

Advanced Drills

We have so far worked on some basic and more intermediate-level drills, now we move on to the meat of the Tri Swim Success course!

We’ll work on refining freestyle- making sure you have the essential elements of a complete stroke. And finally, we will introduce speed in the water! Improving speed in swimming is more than just doing a few sprints at the beginning and end of your workouts. It takes a little more thinking, but I promise there is no high level math involved!

We will be learning 4 Advanced Drills:.

1. Corkscrew Drill

2. Fist Drill

3. Catch Up Drill

4. One Arm Drill