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Getting Started

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Welcome to Tri Swim Sucess!

The Tri Swim Success Program is a 12-month program.

Daily progressive workouts, specifically created with your goals in mind will be delivered directly to you every month. You’ll be guided through your workouts with videos, descriptions of all drills, and swimming terminology to rev your swim technique, speed, and endurance, so you’ll be confident in executing your next triathlon swim.

We will be there to guide, support, and motivate you throughout every step of the journey. Together, we’ll build a foundation based on your goals, so swimming becomes your friend, rather than a hassle.

The questionnaire below is designed to collect some information about you, your goals, strengths, your limits, athletic history, and race schedule.

It’s important to provide as much detail as possible. We’ll be tailoring a customized program to you based on your answers.

Next, we’ll set up a private 20-minute call to discuss your goals and what you want to gain from this program.